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Life is short. Have fun, and make a dollops of money too!

Here’s how:

  • Open a Tantra store, in your town/ city. It’s easy, and we shall guide you, step by step. Earn a franchisee margin, month after month. Work with a proven brand, it’s easy.
  • Be our dealer i.e. stock our merchandise ( unisex/ women/kids)in your store. Again, it’s a quality brand people know and appreciate. Don’t have a store? No problem, just refer us to someone you know, if we initiate business, earn 10% on the first deal. So, 1 lakh fetches you 10k…easy peasy.
  • Know someone who runs an India – centric store or business? Get us connected…our brand connects with desis and the rest, like no other!
  • Corporate event? A destination junket? School, college or a big bash / party? We do custom creative for free (the numbers need to be adequate)!

Do you own or rent retail space in your town/ city? It’s easy to open a Tantra store, even easier to stock us as a distributor/ dealer or MBO. Just email us.

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