Open a Store!

Start your own business, now !

If you been dying to break-out on your own, here’s your chance to team-up with the right people.

Selling Tantra tees is fun, and lucrative !


Open tantra store !

First the good news : there’s good money to be made, and, currently, the company coordinates approx. 50 EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlets) all over India.

 However, like all good things, hard-work and focus are essential attributes (see more info. in FAQs).




What do I need to get started ?

If you already have a store in hand, you are looking at anywhere between Rs.4-8 lacs investment in stocks and interiors.


How much do I make every month ?

Depending on the store, location, stocking and energy you put in, expect to make anywhere between Rs.50,000 – Rs. 5 lacs of nett earnings every month.




What are my returns on investment ?

Anywhere between 80-200% . Now, which fixed deposit can promise you that ?

And, the above figures get even better, as we add higher value merchandise !


How do I get started on Tantra !

Do a little homework, and get in touch via mail or directly. (email id –

You could be the next Tantra Youth hub in your city !


More than a brand….

Tantra is not just a proven brand, but a non-stop youth movement.

For over 13 years, we have been churning out t-shirt ideas which have become classics.

Simply put, we outsell other brands 6 to 1, on returns per square feet !